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Policies that are blue and underlined have been approved by the Governing Board of Directors. 
Other policies listed are intended for the
Board to approve in the future.

Curriculum & Instruction


Facilities & Operations

School Safety

School Governance Policies

Student Policies

  1. Admissions and Enrollment

  2. Attendance Policy (SARB)

  3. Student Complaints

  4. Student Dress Code

  5. Educational Records and Student Information

  6. Pupil Suspension and Expulsion Policy and Procedures

  7. Health Examinations, Immunizations, and Oral Health Assessments

  8. Administration of Medications, Anti-Seizure Medication, Emergencies, and Head Lice

  9. Policy Against Plagiarism

  10. Internet Use Policy and Agreement

  11. Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Policy (Safe Place to Learn Act)

  12. Student Organizations and Clubs

  13. Activities of Military Recruiters on Campus

  14. Parent Involvement Policies and Parent-School Compact (Single-School LEA)

  15. Homeless Education Policy

  16. Notice of Non-Discrimination

  17. Immigration Enforcement Policy

  18. Immigration Enforcement Policy Related to the Detention or Deportation of a Student’s Family Member

  19. Suicide Prevention Policy

  20. Foster Youth Policy

  21. Residency Policy

  22. Regulations for Smartphones on School Campuses

  23. AB 2022 (2018) Sample Letter

  24. Identification and Education Under Section 504

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