At Barona Indian Charter School, accountability means we are responsible for student learning. To be truly responsible, as educators, we utilize timely and easily administered assessments and informative reports. These assessments are aligned with California State Content Standards and provide prescriptive data that allows Barona Indian Charter School to efficiently plan and implement instruction. Using the web-based North West Evaluation Association (www.nwea.org) Measures of Academic Performance (MAP), we systematically monitor and adjust student grouping and instructional practices. Through this approach, we are able to maintain our academic focus of continuous learning; continuous progress.


In our first partial year of MAP implementation (2006-2007), Barona Indian Charter School improved its Academic Performance Index by 44 points. We are confident that as Barona Indian Charter School becomes more proficient in the use of the MAP system, student performance will continue to improve.


Following on our improvement for 06/07, the students of Barona Indian Charter School have made an additional 28 point improvement for 07/08. We will continue to work with the MAP system as a means of further individualizing instruction.