This handbook gives parents and introduction to California's Common Core Standards and a summary of what students are expected to learn as they advance from kindergarten through grade 8.  The standards are designed to reflect the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers.  A common set of learning goals helps teachers and parents ensure students are challenged and making appropriate progress.
Why Common Core Standards?
California educators have joined a national movement to adopt common standards and assessments for English language arts and mathematics.  Currently, standards for what students should know and be able to do vary among states, as does the difficulty of the assessments used to determine whether students are meeting those standards.  Common standards allow for collaboration among states on best practices and professional development.
Common learning goals provide a clear vision of what educators and parents in all states expect.  These learning goals provide a clear vision of what educators and parents in all states should aim for  These learning goals help ensure that students meet college and work expectations, are prepared to succeed in a global economy and society, and are provided with rigorous content and application of higher knowledge thinking.  Benchmarked against international standards, the Common Core Standards assist students in their preparation to complete the requirements for enrollment at a California public university.
California's Adoption of Common Core Standards
Adopted in California in August 2010, the K-12 Common Core State Standards were developed through a state-led effort to establish consistent and clear education standards for collaborative discussions.  Literacy standards that focus on reading and writing instruction during history/social studies, science, and technology also were included.  In mathematics, standards were added to demonstrate a stronger emphasis on number sense and algebraic thinking. 
Click on the link below to download California's K-8 Common Core Standards Parent Handbook.