The Barona Indian Charter School (BICS) is a publicly funded K-8 charter school located on the Barona Indian Reservation. Established in 2002, the BICS continues to serve the Native-American student population as well as students from the surrounding communities of Lakeside, El Cajon, Poway, San Diego Country Estates, Ramona, and Santee. Currently, twenty-four Native-American students are enrolled with an additional sixty-four students attending from the neighboring communities.

The BICS curriculum is based upon the State of California Academic Content Standards, and participates in all state-mandated testing. Our academic focus is Continuous Learning; Continuous Progress. Students are engaged in active goal setting and personally evaluating their own achievement. Central to this focus is our reliance on the Northwest Evaluation Association, Measures of Academic Performance/Assessment Program.

In addition to the core academics, all students have an exposure to the Kumeyaay/Digueño culture through the school's K-8 curriculum. This program allows the BICS to utilize the nationally recognized Barona Cultural Center and Museum and its staff. Art, dance, and music are features of our elective program. Physical education classes are lead by a credentialed physical educator with access to the fully-equipped Barona Recreation Department facilities.

All classrooms have both teacher and student workstations fully networked with access to the high speed internet. Additionally, students regularly utilize a wireless, networked laptop lab for web-based lessons and activities. E-readers and e-tablets are used in certain learning environments. Typical classroom sizes could run from a Kindergarten of 8 students to a multi-age 6th/7th/8th of 20 students. Our total enrollment is limited to 100 students to accommodate our unique learning environment.

Lastly, and most importantly, our faculty is comprised of fully California credentialed educators who truly care for the children, the community, and the mission of our school.

Mission Statement

Barona Indian Charter School invests in children as our future providing K-8 students with a small, nurturing educational environment, that is culturally rich, academically rigorous, and accountable to the following objectives:

  1. Leadership

  2. Academic excellence in core subjects

  3. Social and community awareness

  4. Cultural appreciation

  5. Character

Board of Trustees

The Barona Indian Charter Board of Trustees:

  • Ray Welch, President and Barona Tribal Council Chairman

  • Tawnya Phoenix, Vice President and Tribal Council Chairwoman

  • Mandy Curo de Quintero, Secretary/Treasurer

  • Shirley Ruis, Founder and School Board Member

  • Danthia Gill, School Board Member


Yvonne LaChappa, Secretary